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Landed Gear

Promaster Van Spare Tire Mount Right Hand Door

Promaster Van Spare Tire Mount Right Hand Door

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The Landed Gear Spare Tire Mount (PATENT PENDING), designed specifically for vehicles based on the Ram Promaster chassis, allows you to locate a spare tire on the right rear door (Passenger's side USA).  A large footprint of four (4) attachment points creates a rigid mount for a spare tire, while allowing the rear doors to still fully function and to distribute the load on the Promaster rear doors.  Other hitch or bumper mount attachments may require the mount to be swung out of the way before the door can be opened.  Requires 4 holes to be drilled in the door sheet metal.  Laser-cut, steel construction, TIG welded in San Diego, CA.  Mounting pads are made of hard and soft urethanes to sandwich the mount to the door sheet metal.  Assembly weighs 18 lbs, not including wheel/tire.  Set includes 3 M16-1.5 lug bolts. Two alignment pins allow resting the wheel on the mount to allow lug bolt attachment. One door check strap and 2 stiffener brackets included.

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