Mercedes Benz offers a low and standard roof height and 3 different wheelbases: 144", 170", and 170" extended. 

Each wheelbase has its pros and cons. Use this information to learn more about the advantages of each Mercedes Sprinter van wheelbase and choose the best Sprinter for your van build.

The Sprinter 170 and the 170 extended vans technically have the same wheelbase, the extended version offers an additional 15 inches of interior length for your build out. The body of the van ‘extends’ farther back past the rear wheels, which is what creates the extra length of the van.

When it comes to city driving, parking and maneuverability, the 144” wheelbase Sprinter is idea and the most common wheelbase for customizing. This wheelbase has a tighter turning radius, fits in standard parking spaces, and is the best choice if this is your second vehicle.

The 170” WB is plenty nimble. The van does (barely) fit in standard parking spots, and, like all Sprinters, was designed with city driving in mind. Compared to a traditional RV, a 170” Sprinter is far and away the more nimble vehicle. The narrow profile of the Sprinter, combined with its safety features and moderate size, allow it to navigate city streets with ease.

Unless you do a lot of city driving and you plan on using your Sprinter van as your daily driver, parking and drivability shouldn’t be too much of a factor when choosing a wheelbase for your van.

The longer the wheelbase, the more buildable living space there will be inside for your floor plan. The difference in interior space between a 144” and 170” extended wheelbase Sprinter may seem inconsequential at first, but it’s quite a big gap in reality.