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2019 - 2022 Sprinter Scopema Brand Front Driver Seat Swivel Adapter

2019 - 2022 Sprinter Scopema Brand Front Driver Seat Swivel Adapter

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Scopema Swivel Seat Adapters for 2019 - 2022 Freightliner & Mercedes Sprinters

(only for VS30 models from 2019-on)




These swivels are the real thing.  They are made in France but in stock and ship from the USA.  Our Scopema swivel adapters will allow your front driver or passenger seat to swivel. These work with most Sprinter front seats, (will not work with suspension seats) and will work with the heated seat and seat air bag options. Swivels lock securely in the forward facing position. This special US version swivel has been tested in the vehicle to United States FMVSS standards 207 & 210, and Canadian CMVSR 207 & 210.
Our swivels have an offset center pivot point that allows the swivel to turn without opening the door. 

Driver's side swivel has optional parking brake adapter to allow hand brake to clear seat. Hand brake adapter is a bonus, as it allows a lower height swivel to clear parking brake.  If you have a electronic parking brake, you will not require the adapter.

Swivels include instructions and all hardware needed.

Raises seat height approx. 1"

Swivels are designed specifically for the Sprinter Chassis, and are not a modified generic swivel.

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