Mercedes Sprinter "Grey Rock"


Adventure Wagon interior kit with tan tweed and Bamboo panels, Flares with windows, L-tracks

Flatline Van Co bed kit, trim step kit and Bamboo overhead cabinets

Lagun table and Walnut plywood for table top 

Scopema bench seat with folding bed

Sprinter 144 floor, qty-3 sheets of Advantech 3/4", 1- Roll of Lonseal flooring, 1 Container of Epxoy for Lonseal, Aluminum trim and Hardware FLOORING Portabello W131 - Lonwood Madera Topseal.



Flatline Van Co low pro roof rack with faring, side steps, and driver side ladder

Bike rack


Qty-1 Victron Energy MultiPlus II 12/3000/120 inverter/charger

Qty-2 Victron Energy 200 amp hour Smart lithium battery (12 Volt)

Qty-1 Victron Energy Lynx Distributor

Qty-1 Victron Energy Lynx Smart BMS

Qty-2 Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 30 amp DC-DC charger (non-isolated)

Qty-1 Victron Energy Cerbo GX

Qty-1 Victron Energy GX Touch 70

Qty-1 Victron Energy SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT charge controller

Qty-1 Victron Energy VE Direct Cable 3'

Qty-1 Victron Energy M8 battery extension cable 1m (bag of 2)

Qty-2 Victron Energy VE.Bus / VE.CAN cable (RJ45), 1x for the VE.Bus connection between the MultiPlus and Cerbo GX, 1x for the VE.CAN connection between the Lynx Smart BMS and Cerbo GX

Qty-5 Victron Energy Mega fuses, 1x 400 amp, 4x 80 amp

Qty-1 Mega fuse holder, For cicuit protection of DC+ from vehicle battery to Orion DC-DC charger

AC breaker panel $80.00

Qty-20' solar extension cable - 10 AWG

Qty-1 2-pole, solar disconnect switch (16 amp)

Qty-1 DIN rail breaker enclosure box (2-way)

Qty-1 Solar array wiring entry gland

Qty-1 Blue Sea 5503 ANL fuse holder

Qty-1 Blue Sea 5136 400 amp ANL fuse

Qty-1 25' HDMI extension cable

Qty-1 25' USB extension cable

Qty-1 Square D 50 amp HOM type single pole circuit breaker

Qty-1 Furrion 30 amp shore power inlet BLACK

Qty-1 Furrion combined AC/DC load center

Qty-1 Blue Sea 30 amp main shore power breaker

Qty-25' Furrion 30a Shore Power Cable

Qty-1 Blue Sea 3000 HD Battery Switch

Dometic AC 12 volt RTX 2000 

Qty-2 Maxx fans Black

Qty-2 Renogy 100 watt solar panels

15 AMP shore inlet, DC and AC distribution panels, wiring and supplies 

Dometic CFX3 75DZ Dual Zone Powered 12 Volt Cooler, 75L 

Espar diesel heater