Ford Transit "Wild Wood Wanderer"

2021 Ford Transit AWD High Roof, 148 Extended WB 

-Havelock Wool in walls and ceiling 
-Rattlemat walls, floor, wheel wells, and ceiling
-1/2"  R5 foam board under subfloor 
Low density expanding foam insulation throughout 

-Rubber Coin Flooring (Sandstone), Advantech subflooring, aluminum trim and SS hardware 
-Cherry Walls 1/4" 
-Cherry Ceiling 1/4" 
-Cypress strips for ceiling to be supplied by owner  
-Rear door Transit Rear Door Magnetic Screen Set DR400x
-Sliding door Ford Transit Sliding Door Magnetic Screen Set DR500x
-Cab doors screen set FWFTS350 HRE
-Vinyl Trim to Match Cherry Ceiling at sliding door and rears. 
-3 piece front cab insulated window shades 
-Maple Plywood Cabinets and BLACK Hardware, outlets and switches
-Rear beds with Qty-2 bench seats on both sides, Passengers side with electrical system/Storage and DOUBLE FLIP OVER TOP, fit to rear doors, (SIZE 20"H X 24-26"D X 75"L), Drivers side bench with fresh water tank, hot water heater, rear shower sprayer, fit to rear doors.*Both sides with cubby cut outs towards rear doors.